The Open Water (OW) Course

Welcome to Havelock Divers. We’re very glad that you’ve chosen us for your diving program and we’re sure you will have a fantastic time training with us. The Open Water Course is an entry-level full certification course, and will certify you to dive up to a depth of 18metres, independent of professional supervision, pretty much anywhere around the world.

We offer the Open Water certification program with the globally recognised training agency – SSI (Scuba Schools International).


The program usually runs over four days and the typical schedule is as follows:

  • Day one – Course registration paperwork, educational videos and dive theory (online self-study is also available), equipment familiarisation and swim test.
  • Day two – Shallow/confined water training, an optional orientation dive to a maximum depth of 5 metres and an afternoon theory class.
  • Day three – 2 open water shore dives, debrief and dive logs.
  • Day four – 2 open water boat dives, debrief, dive logs, final exam.

These timelines are slightly flexible and since we aim to accommodate every traveler’s needs, please ask us if you are on a specific schedule so we can customise the course to suit your holiday itinerary.

Price: Rs 25,000 (including GST)

This includes your student e-manual, equipment rental, instructor charges, certification costs, boat charges and snacks/refreshments on the boat.

Pre-requisites for getting certified:
  • The minimum age to enrol is 10 years.
  • Swimming - The ability to swim 200metres (at your own pace, any style, no time limit) or snorkel 300 metres with swimming aids (mask, snorkel and fins) and the ability to float/tread water for 10 min (Please see note below).

    An important note on swimming:

    Basic swimming skill is a prerequisite to get certified as an Open Water diver. Being a great swimmer isn’t necessary, but the ability to cover distance and to float is compulsory. We understand that this might be intimidating, but it actually isn’t as hard as it sounds. Our team of instructors will work with your swimming technique if required.

  • You will need to be in reasonably good health to be able to dive. If you have medical conditions (if you answer 'YES' to any of the questions) listed in following medical statement, you will need to get an official doctor's clearance to begin your diving program.

Click here to download Medical Statement

Complete your theory at home:

This is a highly recommended option, even if you are not short on time, but if you want to save time on your holiday and spend more time on the beach and less time in the classroom, you can sign up for SSI’s e-learning and complete the academic part of the course online.

Affiliate yourself with Havelock Divers and register for your online theory for free here

You can start immediately, as the first three sections are free. Once you register at the above link, SSI will provide you with a Master ID (MID). Havelock Divers will need this MID to unlock the subsequent three sections, which involves a fee (non-refundable) of Rs 5,000. This will be adjusted against your course fee, so there is no extra charge involved. Please email us at [email protected] you are ready to proceed.

Havelock Divers will be updated regarding your progress and you will need to complete all six sections to get credit for completing the theory at home.

Your next steps as a certified diver

Most newly certified divers go on to do an advanced course straight away as this offers the most learning continuity. We offer the SSI Advanced Adventurer program which can be completed in as little as two days.

If you decide to sign up for an advanced program, you get five more open water training dives with an instructor and continue to build your skills and imbibe what you have already learnt in the Open Water course. Advanced training involves mostly practical skill development and there is very little classroom time. In fact, there isn’t even an exam. You will leave a much more comfortable, capable and confident diver and you will retain the skills you have learnt for a much longer time.

Price: Rs 22,000 including GST (see note below).

Note: We offer an SSI Open Water + Advanced Adventurer combo package that include entry level and advanced training for Rs 44,000 (including GST).

There is no pressure to make your mind up immediately. You can take a call on whether to sign up for advanced training once you have gotten a taste with your first dive, or even once you have completed your open water training.

Other options

If you are short on time or are on a tight holiday budget, there is another option for you:

SSI Scuba Diver (SD)

We also offer the shorter (2 days) SSI Scuba Diver certification program. This is sometimes referred to as “half” an Open Water course and certifies you to dive up to a depth of 12 metres, under professional supervision, pretty much anywhere in the world. You have the option of upgrading to a full Open Water rating at any time in the future. Please contact us for full details.

Price: Rs 14,000 (including GST)