Welcome to Havelock Divers. We’re very glad that you’ve chosen us for your diving holiday. Havelock is one of the best locations for recreational diving in India and we have a variety of dive sites for all levels of certification and experience. Visibility typically ranges between 10 – 25 metres and marine life teems in our waters.

For certified divers, we organise dive trips from the beach or from our boat. Either option includes two tanks to the best available dive sites based on local weather and diving conditions. We keep our groups small (no more than four divers) and group divers based on their certification history, experience level and breathing rate. We can also arrange to take care of special needs and interests like photography, macro etc.

A typical diving day starts with a 7:30 am departure and we return anywhere between 12:00 and 13:00, depending on the distance to the dive site, dive duration etc.). We provide drinking water and basic snacks and refreshments on the boat.

Please note:
  • You will need to have a valid certification card from a recognised scuba diving training agency to book your spot with us, but even if you aren’t carrying your license, we can look up your certification history online as long as you give us some basic information.
  • If you haven’t dived in a while, we recommend that you do a refresher session before you go diving. If it has been between six months and a year since your last dive, a short refresher should work, but if it has been more than a year, we recommend (and might insist on) a full refresher session.
  • The Andamans has gained popularity and is fast becoming a hotspot for diving and given these changes, our administration is undergoing changes and finalising laws that are convenient for both you, the tourist and the local government agencies here for security and safety. One such law is the distance allowed as per the type of boat owned by an operator; we currently have boats that are allowed to travel a distance no greater than 3 nautical miles from the shore line of Havelock.
  • All our dives are no-decompression dives. The nearest re-compression chamber is 55 km away in Port Blair and the medical facilities in Havelock are rudimentary at best so we take no chances.

Type Price
1 Day / 2 Dives ₹ 5,900
2 Days / 4 Dives ₹ 11,800
3 Days / 6 Dives ₹ 17,110
4 Days / 8 Dives ₹ 21,330
5 Days / 10 Dives ₹ 27,140
6 Days / 11 Dives ₹ 32,450
Additional Day / Per 2 Dives (After 6th Day) ₹ 5,310

(All prices inclusive of 18% GST)